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AIBM 2021 BASIC is a shortened version of AIBM, without rendering and interior of the rooms. The advantage of BASIC is that it gives a higher performance to the program. Later we will release a separate render, thus separating AIBM into two programs with different functions.

Also, stairs on the floors are not currently available. Don't worry, we are already working on this!

Anything you create with this tool is obviously all yours (even for commercial use).

After export, the model will be in (AIBM 2021 BASIC\AIBM 2021 BASIC_Data\StreamingAssets\House_Models) with the names "Home" and "Date and time of export".

If you do not find the model in the folder, click on the button to export the model to AIBM. After that, the model will be in the folder.

If the model is displayed incorrectly in other 3D editors, use Blender (everything works well with it).

At this point, the exported model may have double vertices. Therefore, after export, the model will need to be optimized in a 3D editor -  (Blender recommended: https://www.blender.org/).

To optimize the model, it is enough to do 2 steps:

  1. Go to Blender (https://www.blender.org/).
  2. Perform "Merging Vertices" at minimum distance (0.0001 m).

The model is ready for export or further editing.

Fortunately, every third user who bought AIBM has already made a donation, thanks to this we are improving the program and developing! ;)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wiskered

Website: https://shamkazm.wixsite.com/ai-building-modeling

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCSa_K8D1iZgX95uLyOiHr_Q

Tree Generator by Wiskered is DRM-free, which means using the program requires no internet connection and you can create unlimited local back-ups or share the software between multiple of your computers. This also means however that we can't revoke access, refunds are only offered when the software doesn't work as intended. Please see the Itch.io terms of service for more information.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. You will get access to the following files:

AIBM 2021 BASIC.zip 109 MB

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Additional Keyboard controls:

Space  =  Pan Up

=  Pan Down

ArrowKeys Left/Right  =  Pan Left/Right

ArrowKeys Up/Down  =  Zoom-in/Zoom-out

NumPad  =  Pan/Zoom

W,A,S,D  =  Pan/Zoom

Right-Mouse-Button  =  Orbit Model

P  =  (Un)hide Panel Options

Shift  =  Course/Fast Movement

Ctrl  =  Fine Movement

Is it possible for the user to manually enter a seed number in the "Generate From" box? Thanks

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Are there enough variables for the random seed to generate 1000's of unique building layouts - or will it eventually start repeating similar layouts? Thanks


Looks great! Does it create any rooves/roofing - is this feature planned for the future? Thanks.

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A flat roof version is available for now, but what you mentioned is planned for the future. So far we have directed all our efforts to our main project - HORDBRUN (www.youtube.com/c/hordbrun_gamedev). So there are no plans to update any other products soon. :)

Layered cake ?
How to prevent it from creating polygons inside the mesh?

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The program page says: "

To optimize the model, it is enough to do 2 steps:

  1. Go to Blender (https://www.blender.org/).
  2. Perform "Merging Vertices" at minimum distance (0.0001 m)."

non-basic version owners are getting this as bonus, or separate purchase? Thank You.

yes )

send me your mail

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is this your mail: juris@datorburvis.lv ?

Hello! Yes, that is my mail ;-)

I also bought the non-basic version before.

Now I will send to your mail a link to download the BASIC version


If this doesn't work, I have secondary mail registered with itch.io

now we will forward the letter to this mail


Getting better all the time!

thank you


Good thinking!

thank you very much I am very pleased


Excellent idea!

Thank you so much

thank you very much I am very pleased


Great idea!

thank you

thank you very much :D