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With this handy tool, you can generate hundreds of different low poly trees! There are over 20 settings in the generator to create your own low poly tree! "Tree Generator by Wiskered" makes it easier and faster to create games, 3D scenes and more, where low poly graphics are used. Do not limit yourself in creating unique natural areas, forests, jungles, etc. Use "Tree Generator by Wiskered"! 
С помощью этого удобного инструмента вы можете генерировать (создавать) сотни различных low poly деревьев! В генераторе более 20 настроек для создания собственного низкополигонального дерева! "Tree Generator by Wiskered" упрощает и ускоряет создание игр, 3D-сцен и многого другого, где используется низкополигональная графика. Не ограничивайте себя в создании уникальных природных территорий, лесов, джунглей и т.д.  Воспользуйтесь «"Tree Generator by Wiskered"!

Anything you create with this tool is obviously all yours (even for commercial use).

After export, the model will be in (Tree Generator by Wiskered\Tree Generator by Wiskered_Data\StreamingAssets\).

Exported to OBJ format. In any editor you can edit the tree

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Discover a beautiful place that is carefree and full of holiday peace. Find treasure and magic mushrooms that will give you access to the most interesting locations. Collect raw materials that you will use on the Magic Crafting Table. Arrange the garden space at your discretion. Make friends with fancy inhabitants and collect butterflies!


Tree Generator by Wiskered is DRM-free, which means using the program requires no internet connection and you can create unlimited local back-ups or share the software between multiple of your computers. This also means however that we can't revoke access, refunds are only offered when the software doesn't work as intended. Please see the Itch.io terms of service for more information.

Thanks for using "Tree Generator by Whiskered"!
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App randomly crashes on my Windows 10 x64 (Vega 8)

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Please make a Unity Editor Tool version of this. I think it'd sell very well on the Asset store since IIRC there isn't another Low-Poly tree generator on Unity Asset Store. Vegetation Studio and other shader makers(for animating vegetation. They have integration with Synty's Nature pack for example) will create integrations for this asset if you put it on the Store. Also the option to create low-poly trees inside Unity would be awesome.

Also, runtime generation of trees with some variation or randomness or uniqueness in Unity is an interesting idea to consider.

I'd like to know your opinion on this. Are you considering making a Unity Asset Store port? Or do you think it's not worth it? Or something else.

That's right! We had such plans, but while we are busy with another project :) While plans for the generator have been postponed

+1 for a Unity Asset Store release ;)


Love the tool, really promising. The only feature I miss is changing the thickness of the trunk. Any plans of implementing that?


And not only this :)


This looks awesome! However, my lowpoly game uses textures for the leaves. Are there plans to add support for leaf textures?


Yes, we thought about it too :D In terms of the development of the tool, we intend to add this function

Any update on this?


This looks exactly like what I was looking for! Do you plan to eventually support Mac/Linux as well? I’m on Mac, so can’t use this yet unfortunately.

I think we will do it in the future :D

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Try running it with Wine. Might work on it. Not every WIndows software works on Linux and Mac with Wine, but a lot of them run just fine. Wine has been getting better and better, especially after Steam made their own fork of it called Proton.

User support: wiskered@gmail.com


Musthave for low poly asset creator!

That's for sure! :D


We launched our own 3D model store - Wiskered Store!
Every day we will add new low poly models. Most of them are free :D

Wiskered Store: https://wiskered-3d-model-store.itch.io


It dosnt work and the GUI is very very glitchy. There's no visible tree. Only in the beginning where the tree just dissapears.

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Write to us in more detail - (wiskered@gmail.com) 
Let's figure out what is wrong with you :)

I just almost do not understand what you mean 


I downloaded and everything works well for me. Yes, the interface is not perfect, but the developers said they are working on it


Well good for you

Try to download the program from the site. I overwrote it.


Now it works. Thanks for the fast update :-)


cypress :D


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Heh, who can make the same tree?

What is the scientific name of this plant? :)

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Post screenshots of your generated trees in the comments!


Great program! Waiting for her trailer :D


We will release soon :)


That's amazing. You rock! I'm going to follow you because your tool look's amazing.


Thanks for your support guys!


I was missing this tool :)


Thanks for your support :D